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Genesis of the Brand


People who truly care about their health and the health of their families are careful when making food choices. We read labels. We say “yes” to some things and avoid others at all costs because we know they could potentially harm us. We think we are doing all of the right things. But are we?

Inside of your house right now, in your makeup bag, on top of your bathroom vanity, and in your kid’s room, are lotions and creams that contain ingredients that have been shown to cause skin irritation, respiratory problems, changes in human cells, and a disruption of hormones. They may even cause cancer. You use these products every day and you think they are safe. But they are not. There are thousands of toxic ingredients found in skin care products.

Thanks to groundbreaking organizations that have publicized and warned us about the most toxic ingredients we should purposefully avoid, we now know better. The question remains, where can you get products that are effective on your skin but do not contain dangerous chemicals?

To answer to this question we created Bétèrre Skin+Care.

Why Skin plus Care? Because not only do our products perform and relieve all your skin concerns, but we also care about the whole person. Our formulas contain nothing that can harm you. And, what makes us uniquely different, Bétèrre was first created to address the specific skin problems faced by those who are being treated for cancer and other serious health issues. These problems are known first hand by the founder of Bétèrre, two-time cancer survivor Gina Maisano.

Created to fill a void in the marketplace, Bétèrre provides high quality, effective and safe skin care for a variety of uses. This is skin care for all, which works by combining nature, botanicals and science to provide a one of a kind, complete line of products for everyone.

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